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Our Services:
Selection and organization of comfortable accommodation
Organization of events of any scale
Comprehensive business trip organization
Comprehensive transportation arrangements for any class
Organization of group transportation for any distance
Support for cultural events
Today, we are a team of the country's best professionals!
We have organized anniversary gala tours of the world-renowned choreographic ensemble.
The solemn ceremony of passing the symbol of the Year of Theater in Russia by Federal Districts — 203 theaters and cultural institutions, more than 450 events, and over 7 million spectators in 2019.
On June 8-11, one of the largest legal congresses in Russia, the European-Asian Legal Congress (EALC 2022), took place.
The summer festival 'Stanislavski Factory' is a significant federal project for Russian culture, featuring performances by the best provincial theaters.
A celebration for children and youth - the 'ECHO of the Big Children's Festival,' which is conceptualized and led by Russia's People's Artist, Sergey Bezrukov. The event features anniversary tours by a globally renowned dance ensemble."
For several years now, our team, SAMMIT, has been at the core of logistics for this unique theatrical project.
This was a special festival as it was dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Sergei Obraztsov's birth and the 90th anniversary of the theater he founded.
Folkloriada is a unique international event that represents the past, present, and future of global folklore."
"Grand Tours" is a large-scale project initiated by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. Since 2018, SAMMIT has been the international and Russian program operator for this initiative.
The UN Human Rights Summer School is an international project where we provide support in all aspects of implementation.
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