Cultural event management.
Support for cultural events.
Cultural event management.
Support for cultural events.
You can confidently choose us to organize cultural events.
Our agency has experience in logistics and servicing of art and public exhibitions, guided tours, music and literary festivals, theatrical performances, and many other cultural and educational events.
We understand the importance of correctly transporting theatrical decorations made from various materials, so we will not let you down and ensure that your valuable cargo arrives in the same condition as we received it from you. If you are traveling long distances, we will gladly organize resting and temporary living locations for you, ensuring that props do not hinder your journey and are always in the right place at the right time.
Interaction with venues
Leave the venue booking to us so you can focus on preparing for the performance. Our staff will reserve the necessary spaces at the required times and handle all contacts with the venue providers.
Logistical support for tours
Let us know your transport preferences, the number of people in groups, and cargo transportation requirements, and we will allocate the necessary number of cars and buses, book private flights, and ensure the careful delivery of your equipment.
Ticket sales
Allow our specialists to handle ticket sales for your event: we will organize convenient methods for purchasing tickets both offline and online. We can also assemble volunteer groups or paid staff to manage ticket counters and provide technical support.
Implementation of technical and hospitality riders
We have experience in organizing tours for individual artists and groups, so we are prepared to plan travel routes on dedicated vehicles, book accommodations, and fulfill riders of various types.