Big Children's Festival
In the summer of 2021, a grand celebration for children and youth took place in Sevastopol, known as the 'ECHO of the Big Children's Festival.' The visionary behind and leader of this festival is Russia's People's Artist, Sergey Bezrukov.

From August 2 to August 10, the city's residents and visitors were treated to screenings of the best performances, films, and animations that had been awarded at the festival. The event also featured creative workshops and masterclasses. Traditionally, it brought together dramatic, puppet, and musical performances, as well as films and animations, circus shows, and creative ensembles from Russia and other countries. The primary goal was to showcase the best in children's and adolescent entertainment in a wide variety of performing arts genres.

At the festival, our team was responsible for artist logistics, one of the most critical and challenging tasks. It is thanks to the participants and performers that the event shines so brightly and stays in people's memories!