About us
On the business travel market since 2010, today Summit is a professional agency specializing in the logistical and technological support of business trips, festivals, tours, sports tournaments, and events. Summit Agency guarantees its clients high service standards, a professional team of specialists, flexible pricing policies, and cutting-edge industry solutions.
For over 13 years, Summit's team has been organizing business trips and events. During this time, we have successfully completed 300+ projects, the stories of which reflect our long-standing partnerships.

We regularly handle tasks such as organizing business trips, meetings, air and rail transportation, global hotel reservations, transfers, concierge services, full-cycle tour support, cargo, and more. Our extensive experience in the business travel agency market allows our high-class specialists to take on diverse projects and execute them quickly and efficiently.
Our Services
We are pleased to organize your business trip using various means of transportation, whether by plane, train, comfortable buses, or a car with a personal driver.
Guaranteed Comfort at the Airport
We arrange a separate check-in counter, service in business lounges, in-terminal and in-flight meals. If you need to transport cargo from another country, we gladly handle all customs formalities.
If your journey is planned by train
We'll handle group placement in adjacent carriages, assist with additional requirements (transporting pets, oversized cargo, etc.), and eliminate unexpected travel organization issues. You don't need to worry about a thing – our staff can assist you day and night with any questions.
Management in the Cultural Sphere
Our team has repeatedly organized transportation for groups of artists, theatrical decorations, and collaborated with venues for performances. We provide a full range of support services.
Full-cycle Support
From hotel reservations and venue bookings to event ticketing and transporting show participants to hotels, we cover every aspect. We are delighted to provide any event with modern technical equipment, temporary support staff, coordinate cultural programs, and manage other necessary processes.